This page is a misnomer…. It’s not about us at all. It’s finally about you.

You are the unsung hero who’s busting your butt to care for your patients, their families, one another, the community, your own family and lastly – if there’s time – you.

We created Moxie Scrubs to not just outfit you in stylish and fun scrubs that allow you to perform your role in comfort, we created a platform to show the world what it means to be a nurse with moxie.
At Moxie Scrubs, we represent nurses who are driven in their lives and in their clinical practice. We represent ambitious nurses who strive to be more and do more for their profession. We represent altruistic nurses who serve their communities.
We represent your force of character. Your determination. Your nerve.
We Created Moxie Scrubs to give you direct access to incredible medical uniforms that are as resilient as you are. Our team includes a Harvard University graduate Founder & Chief Executive Officer, a scrub industry icon Chief Product Officer, and a vastly experienced Chief Nursing Officer as the voice of nursing. We’re here for you.
This is about you. Finally.


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